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Best Eye Shadow Colors for Blue Eyes

By Tamara Warta

Finding the best eye shadow colors for blue eyes can enhance your beauty and make your eyes irresistible!

Finding the Right Eye Shadow Colors

Each eye color has its own unique palette of colors perfectly designed to make your eyes look gorgeous and desirable. Knowing the best eye shadow colors for blue eyes can help you enhance your natural beauty and make your eyes look their best.

When selecting eye shadow shades, consider your skin tone and hair color as well as the actual blue shade of your eyes. What may look great on a blue-eyed beauty with dark brown hair will look completely different on someone who is blonde with baby blues. While there are plenty of resources online to help you determine your eye color's recommended shadows, be realistic and keep your overall features in mind.

The Best Eye Shadow Colors for Blue Eyes

Ladies with blue eyes are able to wear a wide array of eye shadow colors to enhance their eyes. Some colors, however, can really bring out or play up blue eyes better than others. Some of the shades listed below may give your eyes extra intensity or make the blue stand out.

Orange Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes

You may be thinking, "Orange eye shadow? That's for clowns!" Orange-based shades, however, are one of the best choices in eye shadow for for blue eyes. Orange based hues provide a contrast to blue eyes that really makes the color pop. You don't have to wear a bright or neon orange, though. Consider eye shadow shades such as:

  • Copper
  • Peach
  • Coral
  • Bronze
  • Rust

Cool Eye Shadows for Blue Eyes

Many women with blue eyes also look fabulous with cool eye shadow shades. Some great choices include:

  • Pale to medium blue
  • Pale pink shades
  • Violet
  • Purple
  • Deep or midnight blue

Many women find that using a dark shade of blue will actually bring out the more natural blue tones in the eyes which creates a brighter and more vibrant look.

Turquoise and teal shades can also work for blue eyes. For women with blue eyes that have a touch of green or hazel, teal shades can bring our that green tint for a fresh look. Just be careful not to overdo these bright hues.

Violets and lavenders are most recommended for women with a combination of baby blues and blonde hair. This is because a light purple is flattering for most blondes with fair skin.

You can use violet on the creases of your eyelids as well as on the lid in general. A lighter lavender above the crease will give you a more dramatic look for evenings. More neutral colors are ideal for daytime, but it's always fun to wear purple no matter what the time or season!

Neutral Shadows for Blue Eyes

Most neutral shades, such as taupe and champagne, look excellent with blue eyes and work well for a natural look. Tans and browns can flatter the shape and shade of your eyes without overpowering your hair or other features, and most brown shadow shades are very pleasing colors for blue eyes. Consider:

  • White shadow
  • Grey shades
  • Khaki colored shadow
  • Chocolate brown
  • Camel shadow

For those blessed with naturally red hair, brown shades will tend to work better on your blue eyes. Since your hair is already such a vibrant color, your skin tone and eyes will demand a more natural looking shadow.

Evening Eye Shadow

Black shadow can be too much for daytime, but can provide an intense contrast to blue eyes that really makes them stand out for evening. Use black shadow for a smoky eye look or placed along the upper lid for emphasis.If you are looking for an edgier or more dramatic evening look, mixing black liner with a bright blue will give you a classic " smoky" effect. You can also throw in some silver, fuschia, or turquoise if you are going out and want a funky nighttime feel.

Wearing a gold shimmer shadow is also a pretty evening option for those with gorgeous blue eyes.

Buying Shadow for Blue Eyes

So how do you hunt down that perfect eye color enhancer at your local beauty shop? There are many brands to choose from. You can choose individual shadows an experiment wih different color combinations, or you can purchase pre-designed shadow palettes for blue eyes. The latter is preferred by many women because it takes the guesswork out of finding coordinating base, crease, and highlight shades. The following is just a small selection of the fabulous shadow palettes for blue eyes that are available.

  • Almay has met an impressive amount of success with their line of Intense I-Color products. This group of cosmetics is designed to give the correct cosmetic colors to each eye color family. You can purchase eye shadow trios and mascaras specifically designed for blue, green, brown, and hazel eyes. Blue eyes will pop with this gorgeous quality makeup created to cater directly to them. Shadow collections include:
  • A champagne, brown, and copper trio
  • A pale pink, dusky blue, and slate trio
  • A pale blue, medium blue, and brown trio
  • Sephora Colorful Pro Palette for blue eyes contains six wonderful eye shadows, including a bright white, midnight blue, earthy russet, and glittery bronze, and pale and medium blues.
  • Another fabulous shadow manufacturer for blue eyes is Urban Decay. Their gold-toned "Half Baked" is ideal for those who really want to make their eyes look alluring and noticable.
  • MAC makes truly remarkable shadows for blue eyes. Their shadows include "Amber Lights", which is specifically designed for those with fair skin and eyes.

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