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  • Jennifer Oliphant
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    (Outsiders (2003) #6.5)
    by Greg Rucka, Judd Winick, Matthew Clark, Joe Bennett

    Outsiders/Checkmate • READ MORE

    • Genres: comics, superheroes, thriller
    • Series: Outsiders (2003) #6.5
    • Author: Greg Rucka, Judd Winick, Matthew Clark, Joe Bennett
    • Release date: January 30, 2008
    • Language: english
    • Format: paperback, 144 pages
    • Publisher: DC Comics
    • ISBN: 9781401216238 (1401216234)

    About The Book

    They are two of the DC Universe’s toughest teams: The Outsiders, featuring costumed heroes including Nightwing and Arsennal, and Checkmate, covert operatives including Mr. Terrific and Sasha Bordeaux. Now, in this tale by top comics writers Judd Winick and Greg Rucka, the teams cross paths for the first time.

    Checkmate has hunted down the Outsiders and placed the team under house arrest. But there’s no prison that can hold the Outsiders for long. The two teams soon find themselves united against a common foe: the demented super-villains of Oolong Island, last seen in the pages of 52. It’s a mission no one else could complete — and no one else wants to touch!

    Collects Checkmate #13-15 and Outsiders #47-49!

    MOBI book Outsiders/Checkmate Greg Rucka read online for Android on Amazon. Hardback Outsiders/Checkmate download. Hardcover ebook Outsiders/Checkmate on Kindle.

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