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    Venus in Blue Jeans
    by Nathalie Bartle

    Venus in Blue Jeans – Read More

    • Genres: parenting
    • Publisher: Dell
    • Language: english
    • Author: Nathalie Bartle
    • ISBN: 9780440508809 (0440508800)
    • Release date: June 8, 1999
    • Format: paperback, 272 pages

    About The Book

    A landmark book offers a new dialogue for the next generation of mothers and daughters.

    „Who knows what is going to happen when the hormones kick in at age sixteen and she falls madly in love?“ says one mother about her daughter. Statistically, the answer is alarming: 65 percent of eighteen-year-old girls have had sex. Four of every ten sexually active girls get pregnant, most of them unintentionally.

    Now more than ever, talking about sex is an essential rite of passage for both mothers and daughters. And in this groundbreaking book, Nathalie Bartle shows mothers how to help guide their daughters safely through the fears, intimacies, and sexual choices of adolescence. Combining stories of raising her own daughter with the voices of other families, Bartle tells us what today’s young women urgently want to know — and what mothers need to tell them. Practical strategies and real-life examples help both parent and teen get the conversation right — encouraging trust, correcting misinformation, and emphasizing the importance of relationships and values. She covers:

    When is the right time to begin talking to girls about sex?

    How can you get your daughter to listen?

    How can you get past the mutual embarrassment?

    What six strategies have other mothers found effective?

    How can you play a role in your daughter’s sexual education — without encouraging her to be sexually active?

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Gledanje 1 članka (od 1 ukupno)
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