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    A Study In Ecstasy And Evil

    by Morton T. Kelsey

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    • Language: english
    • Format: paperback, 158 pages
    • Publisher: Paulist Press
    • Release date: December 1, 1978
    • Author: Morton T. Kelsey
    • ISBN: 9780809121571 (0809121573)

    About The Book

    Focusing his attention on modern man’s moral confusion, Morton Kelsey addresses himself to the need to discern good from evil and comments, „As we have come to distinguish between good and evil elements of our environment, we have inevitably come to wonder if there is not some way in which we can control those aspects of reality which threaten, hinder, and destroy us. And this hope has led inevitably to one of the most basic of all human questions about the world: What is the origin and nature of evil? What is evil and from whence does it come?

    The discussion that unfolds is lively, provocative and thought-provoking. Above all, Kelsey considers the necessity for discernment, defining it as the ability to know the difference between the gifts of God and those which are not. He offers ways of coping with contemporary dilemmas and a sense of hope groundes in reality.

    — — — — from the back cover.

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Gledanje 1 članka (od 1 ukupno)
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