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    Exploring Dressage Technique
    Journeys Into the Art of Classical Riding

    by Paul Belasik

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    • Genres: horses
    • Author: Paul Belasik
    • Publisher: JA Allen
    • ISBN: 9780851316062 (0851316069)
    • Release date: November 1, 1994
    • Format: paperback, 144 pages
    • Language: english

    About The Book

    This long-awaited sequel to Riding towards the Light is an absorbing biomechanical and philosophical treatise on riding and training dressage horses. Using state-of-the-art findings, it debunks many commonly held dressage myths; it also explores the artistic heritage and antique techniques of classical riding which have stood the test of time. Each chapter offers fascinating discussion on a different aspect of riding/training, with many thought-provoking ideas for today’s riders. Chapters include: „A fog of walks“; „The hovering trot“; „Rockin’ and rollin’ in the passage“; „The piaffe“; „Lateral work — in search of the mother load“; „Deep work“; „Confucius and the canter pirouette“; „Resistance and ethics“; „The myths of the outside rein“; and „Riding as a meditation“. Basing his theories on a study of biomechanics and rare historic literature, the author begins to point a way through some of the contradictory and confusing tenets that exist in the world of dressage today. In Exploring Dressage Technique, Paul Belasik offers some refreshing new ideas and revives a few forgotten ones.This book will be welcomed by thinking riders everywhere, by those involved in the sport of dressage, and above all, by those who care deeply about horses.

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