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Kevin, There may actually be beteifns to using PLC (wired) smart meters, like VEC has installed. However, it is completely inaccurate to say that the beteifns proven by VEC’s program will be the same as GMP’s wireless mesh network. Can you understand why it appears disingenuous to use VEC’s past success as an indicator of GMP’s future success, when they’ve employed two entirely different systems? It would be reassuring to hear from someone supporting wireless meters who isn’t also receiving funds from the DOEIt should be pretty clear to folks by now that Senator Sanders and Green Mountain Power have a serious liability on their hands by digging in on the wireless issue, laying out the red carpet for Sandia and basically ignoring a growing swath of their constituents and customers, resp. If this were such a great idea, it wouldn’t need so many talking heads hypnotizing the public into believing we need to upgrade the grid. Unfortunately, by now the beteifns mantra is getting stale and there is very little in the way of addressing the main issue here: An investor owned utility has received a lot of federal money (that we didn’t have to begin with) to install devices on homes and businesses that emit a Class 2B carcinogen multiple times a minute. I would not support any politician who supports the maiming of Vermonters (or any human being) with pulsed microwave energy, which has been known to cause health problems for over 50 years. I won’t speculate whether Bernie has forgotten this or is simply forced to ignore it to keep the money rolling in. For the record, how much money has GMP/CVPS given to Sen. Sanders, VEC, VEIC, and VPIRG?